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  • Anchoring of the unit assembly, mullion reinforcements and mullion clips must be done in accordance with the specifications shown on the current engineering evaluation listed on Site conditions not covered in the engineering evaluation require analysis by a licensed engineer or registered architect.
  • The design pressure rating of the assembly shall be the lesser of the load capacity of the mullion(s) as determined by the current engineering evaluation, or the design pressure rating of the individual glazing product(s).
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to determine which mullion reinforcement and end clip options fit each specific application and installation method.
  • Mullion reinforcements for non-rectangular shaped units must be calculated using bounding box dimensions. It is the responsibility of the designer to verify the applicability of clips and fasteners for use with non-rectangular shaped openings.
  • Mullions are designed to resist wind load only not the dead load of windows, doors or building components in the vertical direction.
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